Tips and Tricks for the Pandemic

We all have a 'medical moment' from our mothers. From taking care of us when we are down with the flu, to teaching us how a mixture of leaves can alleviate pain, up to the undying advice for an unhealthy intake of malunggay for the mom who just gave birth, those invaluable advice carried us throughout our lives. 


But their greatest advice and lessons often does not involve our physical health, but emotional stability and mental health. As we face this COVID-19 pandemic, we are presented with a serious battle. Not only on the physical side but also emotional and mental side of things, as we battle longing and sadness due to social or physical distancing. Remembering the undying lessons of our mothers, let's list down three reminders from our mothers that might get us through this pandemic.

We often have arguments with our mothers about wanting something else rather than what's in front of us. We wanted chicken when we were given pork. We wanted adobo when our mother cooked sinigang. We wanted to go out when we were told to stay inside. We always wanted what's different from normal since when we were kids, and our mothers were unfailing in reminding us everyday to be content and cherish what we have in front of us. 

And boy, do we need that advice right now. When the normal that we took for granted are taken away from us by this novel disease, I often muse about the thought that what if this simple advice is the reason I am handling this season the way I am today? If it is so, I got my mom to thank for it.

And it is not that easy to have medicine be delivered right at your doorstep. What if the kids had a cough in the middle of the night? Can I do something for them? Well… be ready for the new normal of cough relief with NoCough!

With its all-natural and organic formulation, you’ll have zero worries of toxins coming in contact with the kids. You also have a stress-free cough relief as NoCough comes in patches, meaning no syrups and struggles with the kids. The best thing of it all, we can have it delivered right at your doorstep!


I got this vivid, detailed memory of me and my mother arguing about putting almost all of my allowance to a bamboo coin bank. It was a Friday, and my mother took the money I saved from that week's allowance and dropped it into the bank, despite my crying appeal that I saved that money to buy a new toy. Then she said: "save your money for tomorrow, and spend it wisely. You'll never know when you'll need it."

Many, many years and a pandemic later, my mother's lesson about saving came to good use, as our savings helped to sustain us this season. It might not be a huge amount, but the fact that I had something to rely on when all of this happened was another reason why moms and their lessons are truly a gift from above. 

Especially this rainy season, you’ll have tons of days when hot mornings will turn into rainy afternoons and evenings full of coughing and no sleep in sight. Better stock up with your cough patch right away!

As we all experienced some sort of shake into our normalcy, we were forced to reevaluate how we look at our resources. Whether it is food like bread, instant noodles, pork, beef and rice, to non-food essentials like sanitising products, soap, clothes, diapers for babies and adults, we were all trying to survive more days with less resources. 


And from the start, our mothers taught this. Short crayons? Mother would say you can still use that. Stale rice from last night? Mom would whip up fried rice for the morning. All in all, she taught us all this and many, many more. As if she knows that we will be experiencing this season sometime soon. 

How about you? What advice from your mom are you using to cope up with the new normal and this pandemic season? Whatever it is, say thank you to them and don't forget to take the time to chat with them even for a few minutes. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

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