The Youth and Their Cigarettes

Over 103,600 Filipinos die from smoking-related diseases each year. More than 23% of males deaths and 12% of female deaths are caused by tobacco smoke (18.6% overall). More than 23% of male deaths and 12% of female deaths are caused by tobacco (18.6% overall).

Cigarette in ashtray

But more than just statistics, we look at the lives of young men and women who pick up their first cigarette and never stopped since, being a slave to cigarette addiction. Why? And how could we prevent them from lighting their next one? Can a nicotine patch solve the problem?


Factors associated with youth tobacco product use include the following:

Social and physical environments

The way mass media show tobacco product use as a normal activity can make young people want to try these products. Youth are also more likely to use tobacco products if they see people their age using these products.

The household they are in might be a factor as well. Studies show that young people may be more likely to use tobacco products if a parent uses these products.

Biological and genetic factors

There is evidence that youth may be sensitive to nicotine and that teens can feel dependent on nicotine sooner than adults. Genetic factors may make quitting smoking harder for young people. A mother’s smoking during pregnancy may increase the likelihood that her children will become regular smokers.


Other reasons also might be the following:

  • Mental health: There is a strong relationship between youth smoking and depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Personal views: When young people expect positive things from smoking, such as coping with stress better or losing weight, they are more likely to smoke.
  • Lower socioeconomic status, including lower income or education.
  • Lack of support or involvement from parents in teaching the right and wrong about nicotine use and nicotine addiction.
  • Accessibility, availability, and price of tobacco products, as cigarettes with all kinds of prices are readily available in sari-sari stores and convenience outlets.
  • Seeing tobacco product advertising in stores, on television, the Internet, in movies, or in magazines and newspapers.


You might be thinking: if this is such a big problem, what can I do to address this?

If you are living with a kid and you are smoking, stop. Aside from the obvious reasons why you should stop smoking such as cancer of all different sorts and death, the act of smoking will entice the young kids around you to do the same. Would you really be okay with the guilt that after you die from cancer, your son or grandson might, too?

Do everything you can to make sure that your kids are with a group of friends and acquaintances that are living healthy and do not smoke. Almost all of the lessons your kid retains comes from the people he or she is around everyday, and those people are his or her friends and mates when they are at school. 

Cigarette butts on ashtray

But we are addressing the situation where they haven't smoked yet. But what if you learned that your kid is already addicted to cigarettes and is now having a difficult time to end his or her misery?


You could enroll them to a program or system of rehabilitation where they will have to take responsibility and work through a series of programs to end their addiction. But this will take months or even years before you could see definite results. 

Or you could try our NoSmoke Nicotine Patch and help your kid right now. Our nicotine patch uses natural and organic ingredients and targets the pain points of withdrawal from nicotine addiction without the time of rehabilitation and heavy spending on a program. It is easy to use and effective that you could see the results right at your home fast and easy. 


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