Relief Patch For Everyone!

Whenever we are in a difficult situation, we are always given a choice: will I go and find for the solution for this or do I look for relief first?

Consider this: it is the middle of the night and suddenly your kid started coughing really hard. It is cough season, after all. Would you go out and look for a medicine to cure the cough or would you rather go straight to relieving the cough so that your kid can sleep through the night?

Or maybe it is right in middle of the day when you started feeling the knock of your monthly visitor down your stomach. You know that the pain will not just go away. Would you go and take that pain reliever and partner it with the hassle of hot compress or would you rather just patch it up within seconds for hours of relief?

Or maybe you are in the middle of a road trip (whenever the pandemic stops being the killjoy that it is and we can all go out, btw) and suddenly you caught a familiar smell of diarrheal poop. Would you go and detour to the nearest pharmacy and give your kid medicine upon medicine to ease the diarrhea without regards to any side effects or give him the 1-2-3 easy-peasy anti-diarrheal relief that will last until the end of your trip?

Sounds too good to be true? It really isn't. Because if you don't know that a simple patch can ease cough, menstrual pain and diarrhea, now you know.

Regardless of the cause of your cough, a cough patch can be a huge help. Our own NoCough cough relief patch contains Jujube Nectar, Cinnamon, and Rhizoma Arisaematis along many others to soothe the throat and ease your cough. Being a patch rather than a liquid, it’s also really convenient so it’s a great one to use while your kids are out and about. You can use it anytime everyday so it’s a great way to keep your cough at bay. You can get yours right here.

Our Heat Therapy Patches temporarily relieves menstrual cramps or "monthly period" pain (also known as dysmenorrhea), lower abdominal, colic and waist pain. As easy it is to apply and disposable, Heat Patches can last up to 12 hours, a dysmenorrhea relief heaven. No need to overthink about its safety because it is suitable for children (at least 12 years old) and adults. You can get yours right here.

Organic Herbal Anti-diarrheal Patch is easy to apply and can last up to 12 hours to provide relief and comfort during loose motions. The anti-diarrheal patch is safe and effective, and a sure bang or your buck as it is suitable for children (at least 3 months old) and adults, including seniors. You can get yours right here.

Sounds good? Let's make it better because we are welcoming the ber-months with a rainy season promo! Just use the promo code WELCOMEBERMONTHS when buying any of the relief patches to get 5% off of your order. Happy shopping!

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