Ladies, Here's Your New Daily Beauty Routine

Ladies, let me ask you a question: how much do you spend on make-up— lipstick and foundation and everything— every year?

Some might expect the amount you got, but I bet that most were surprised, if not shocked, about how much you spend every year on cosmetics. On average, a Filipina spends around Php5000.00 - Php7000.00 each year to complete their make-up kit. 

That amount is not small. And ladies, to each her own. But have you ever wondered— what if I didn't have to buy these make-up, and apply these make-up every single day, and replace these make-up when they're empty?

What if?

Well, here are three things that are worth investing your money in, having the best bang for your buck with their long-term effects on your cosmetic needs!


No matter what we do, our skin will always take a beating from our daily activities. To add, the concealed areas of the skin are usually forgotten. This unknowingly leads to discoloration, uneven skin tones, or even blemishes that can lead to other skin-related issues.

woman caring for her underarm

There are a lot of products offering temporary solutions to the blemishes of your skin. And honestly, trying those are like painting cracks on the wall with crayons. Luckily, we have a safe, sustainable and natural way for the hidden areas of the skin.

Underwhite is not just a standard of beauty, but our declaration to confident self-care and renewal. Made with a unique combination of skin lightening Alpha Arbutin, and Kojic Acid, paired with restorative and protective properties of plant Stem Cell Extracts, it initiates a difference not just physically, but on a cellular level.

Start caring for your skin and order UnderWhite here:


We get it. Stressful days and sleepless nights will always, ALWAYS, take a toll on your skin and body. You'll noticeably see dark spots and black, heavy, eye bags and there will always be an aura that will make your friends say, 'You didn't get enough sleep last night, did you?'

woman waking up

Worry no more and let Sleepify help you! Sleep will make you look younger and more relaxed, energy to push through the day and enough energy for your night outs. Sleep is also our body's natural shutdown mode while it heals our body off of stress and work. Help your body give you that glowing look and sleep like a baby with Sleepify. 

Get yours here:


Spend a full at a salon with all the treatments and special hair care and you will have a guaranteed two, maybe three weeks of good hair. Then you'll be back to the same old,  same old. Hair that will need very special love and treatment, shampoo and conditioner maintainance not included. 

hair care

Why not instead of spending more with treatments every other month, you spend your hard-earned money looking for a holistic treatment for your hair that will last you longer? Instead of putting chemicals on your hair, why not empower and give it life again with this organic wonder? 

Activegrowth aids current hair growth by boosting existing and replenishing lost scalp nutrients to promote increase in volume. Loaded with Nettle Root, Eclipta Leaves, and Dong Quai plant, save yourself an unfortunate hair-raising experience with each capsule.

Grab yours here:


And those are three things that will change your lifestyle from now on. Remember that whatever you choose to do, as long as it makes you feel confident, loved, and beautiful, you do you.

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