The Generation of Instant: Today's Fast-paced Life and Its Unspoken Fruits

Admit it. There are hundreds and hundreds of articles talking about the current generation and their craving for everything instant. Instant gratification from taps of likes and hearts, instant access to information that's a click and scroll away, instant food and drinks to fill us up. Yet, the spotlight is usually at the negative effects, the fruits of this fast-paced life often overlooked.

So let me give three gifts of this generation and how it affects the past and moves the future forward.

They consume at mind-boggling speeds

The technology we were born with presents a very challenging yet exciting set of problems: Do I move faster? Do I slow things down? Do I go with the flow?

So we're born in a fast world and given time, we'd catch up with the world. And now it's slow. 

So we make everything instant. From ramen that usually takes hours to make, we cut it down to three minutes. Perfect for a quick 'pick-me-up' at around 3am after a night out.

man on a shopping cart with noodles

And coffee that usually takes minutes to prepare is now packaged into a coffee mix that is a second away to boost your morning. Instant coffee, like Kopify 20 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix, is now a staple part of any person's morning.


And we have the 'Instant Gratification' generation to thank.

They demand simplicity

Along with the fast-paced life, we're now living comes streamlining. We don't have the time to fiddle with unnecessary processes and steps if we can put everything into one. 

So why take the time to go to the market and buy 20 different vitamins, fruits and minerals if you can stir up a Kopify pack and get your healthy dose of caffeine boost in the most efficient and fun way? 

You know, the way the 'Instant' generation likes it.

They want customization without effort

Tell me, how many times have you wished you could have something a little different than what your friend had? If you could have a different flavor of this, and different color of that. 

But changing something is a hassle. As we've established, we are now wired to make everything simple. Less effort, less time consumed, more activities to pack in our day.

Thank the universe, the markets obliged with something for everybody. Just look at the instant coffee market. Not so long ago, we had one choice. But now, we have white, black, brown, decaf, no caf, all caf, and more. We could go on forever.

But if you are the fast and furious type, with a full calendar for 365 days and sleep is for the weak, try Kopify 20 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix. This pick-me-up is not just for your tired eyelids, your body will thank you as well. Coffee + vitamins? Sign me up.

kopify box

You're welcome, from the instant generation.

Those are just three of the many things this generation gave. This is not to say we don't have our hiccups because we do. But as deep as our valleys, we have mountains to look forward to. And I'd like to drink to that.

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