This is the week when we celebrate the men who loved us first. Whether you are a son or a daughter, surely you have felt the loving embrace of muscular arms. You have never thought that a giant could be so gentle when playing with you, let alone letting you win sometimes! The fathers, dads, tatays, papas, and any other name deserve this time of the year, as we gather around and share our stories (sometimes funny, most of the time hilarious) about how a single man changed our lives. 

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And as we, here at HappyDibs, celebrate with you, here are some fun facts about Father's Day and Fathers in general. Enjoy! Also, do not forget to share this with you father and other dads and papas you know. 

The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. This year, we will be celebrating the 110th Father's day. Imagine that! I know that we are not really in a celebrating mood right now, but at least we can take the time to acknowledge the gravity of work our fathers put into our lives.

Father’s Day was invented by American Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to honour her father, a veteran who had, as a single parent, raised his six children. This truly shows that it is not about how many people raised you, but how big is the heart that you grew up in. I am definitely thankful to Mrs. Dodd for thinking about this holiday! Did she know that she'll be starting a trend?

According to greetings card makers Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card-sending holiday. Christmas holds the first spot with Valentine's day in a close second.Who else remembers the countless times we brought colored papers, glitters, tapes, glues, and other art material just to create a Father's Day card? I do!

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Going for a floral gift? Traditionally fathers should be given the gift of white or red roses. The rose is the official flower for Father’s Day. Wearing a red rose signifies a living father, while a white one represents deceased father. But do not be conformed to this rule. You can offer whatever flower you think your father would like and I am sure he'll appreciate it.

Surprisingly, the trusty slipper gift isn’t the most popular Father’s Day present – it’s actually a mug! Considering our demographic, not really surprised about it. Anyone who grew up with a father on the house surely knows how important coffee cups and mugs to dads!

father and daughter on a bike

The world record for having the most number of children officially recorded is 69 by the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev (1707-1782), a peasant from Moscow. His first wife gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. Isn't it crazy? I wonder how many men envied him. 

Although there is no evidence of its origin, it is believed that the word “Dad” dates back to as early as the sixteenth century. It is said to come from the first syllables uttered by babies ‘pa’ plus the kinship suffix ‘ter’ – accounting for the latin ‘Pater’, the Spanish ‘Padre’ and the French ‘Pere’. Takes ‘baby talk’ to a new meaning.

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